System (mscorlib.dll)struct

The .NET runtime uses this class to handle methods that take a variable number of parameters (C# uses the params keyword; C++ uses ...; VB.NET uses ParamArray). The use of this class is completely hidden by language features. Unless you are writing a language compiler that needs to implement this feature, you do not need to use this class.

public struct ArgIterator {
// Public Constructors
   public ArgIterator(RuntimeArgumentHandle arglist);
   public ArgIterator(RuntimeArgumentHandle arglist, void *ptr);
// Public Instance Methods
   public void End( );
   public override bool Equals(object o);            
// overrides ValueType
   public override int GetHashCode( );    
// overrides ValueType
   public TypedReference GetNextArg( );
   public TypedReference GetNextArg(RuntimeTypeHandle rth);
   public RuntimeTypeHandle GetNextArgType( );
   public int GetRemainingCount( );


Object ValueType ArgIterator

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