System.Diagnostics (system.dll)class

This class holds the necessary information for a given permission. The PermissionAccess property sets the PerformanceCounterPermissionAccess level for a specific CategoryName and MachineName.

public class PerformanceCounterPermissionEntry {
// Public Constructors
   public PerformanceCounterPermissionEntry(PerformanceCounterPermissionAccess permissionAccess, 
        string machineName, string categoryName);
// Public Instance Properties
   public string CategoryName{get; }
   public string MachineName{get; }
   public PerformanceCounterPermissionAccess PermissionAccess{get; }

Returned By


Passed To

PerformanceCounterPermission.PerformanceCounterPermission( ), PerformanceCounterPermissionEntryCollection.{Add( ), AddRange( ), Contains( ), CopyTo( ), IndexOf( ), Insert( ), Remove( ), this}

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