ProcessModulemarshal by reference, disposable

System.Diagnostics (system.dll)class

This class represents a DLL or EXE file loaded by a process. BaseAddress returns the starting memory address of the loaded module and EntryPointAddress returns the memory address of the module's entry point (such as Main( ), WinMain( ), or DllMain( )). You can also check the size of the loaded module by checking ModuleMemorySize. FileName returns the full path to the file of a loaded module, and FileVersionInfo allows you to access the version information of a file. Lastly, you can view the name of the module with ModuleName.

public class ProcessModule : System.ComponentModel.Component {
// Public Instance Properties
   public IntPtr BaseAddress{get; }
   public IntPtr EntryPointAddress{get; }
   public string FileName{get; }
   public FileVersionInfo FileVersionInfo{get; }
   public int ModuleMemorySize{get; }
   public string ModuleName{get; }
// Public Instance Methods
   public override string ToString( );    
// overrides System.ComponentModel.Component


System.Object System.MarshalByRefObject System.ComponentModel.Component(System.ComponentModel.IComponent, System.IDisposable) ProcessModule

Returned By

Process.MainModule, ProcessModuleCollection.this

Passed To

ProcessModuleCollection.{Contains( ), CopyTo( ), IndexOf( ), ProcessModuleCollection( )}

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