System.Diagnostics (mscorlib.dll)class

A stack frame is an abstraction of the current state of an executing method. Use StackTrace to enumerate all the stack frames that led up to the current process. Use GetMethod( ) to obtain information about the method represented by a stack frame. Use GetFileName( ) to retrieve the name of the module that contains the method. The column and line numbers of the method, which are determined from debugging symbols, can be accessed with GetFileColumnNumber( ) and GetFileLineNumber( ). To obtain the location in memory of the StackFrame, use GetNativeOffset( ), or, alternatively, for the offset of IL code, call GetILOffset( ). If the JIT compiler is not generating debugging symbols, this number is approximated by the runtime.

public class StackFrame {
// Public Constructors
   public StackFrame( );
   public StackFrame(bool fNeedFileInfo);
   public StackFrame(int skipFrames);
   public StackFrame(int skipFrames, bool fNeedFileInfo);
   public StackFrame(string fileName, int lineNumber);
   public StackFrame(string fileName, int lineNumber, int colNumber);
// Public Static Fields
   public const int OFFSET_UNKNOWN;      
// = -1
// Public Instance Methods
   public virtual int GetFileColumnNumber( );
   public virtual int GetFileLineNumber( );
   public virtual string GetFileName( );
   public virtual int GetILOffset( );
   public virtual MethodBase GetMethod( );
   public virtual int GetNativeOffset( );
   public override string ToString( );    
// overrides object

Returned By

StackTrace.GetFrame( )

Passed To

StackTrace.StackTrace( )

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