System.Diagnostics (mscorlib.dll)class

A stack trace is an ordered list of StackFrame objects. Call the constructor to create a stack trace that starts with a StackFrame corresponding to the current method. The optional boolean argument fNeedFileInfo indicates that the stack trace should include the filename as well as the line and column number. (The program must have been compiled with /debug to get this information.)

When one method calls another, a new stack frame is created and FrameCount is incremented. To get a specific StackFrame, use GetFrame( ). The static constant METHODS_TO_SKIP returns the number of methods skipped at the beginning of the StackTrace.

public class StackTrace {
// Public Constructors
   public StackTrace( );
   public StackTrace(bool fNeedFileInfo);
   public StackTrace(Exception e);
   public StackTrace(Exception e, bool fNeedFileInfo);
   public StackTrace(Exception e, int skipFrames);
   public StackTrace(Exception e, int skipFrames, bool fNeedFileInfo);
   public StackTrace(int skipFrames);
   public StackTrace(int skipFrames, bool fNeedFileInfo);
   public StackTrace(StackFrame frame);
   public StackTrace(System.Threading.Thread targetThread, bool needFileInfo);
// Public Static Fields
   public const int METHODS_TO_SKIP;     
// =0
// Public Instance Properties
   public virtual int FrameCount{get; }
// Public Instance Methods
   public virtual StackFrame GetFrame(int index);
   public override string ToString( );    
// overrides object

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