DirectoryCF 1.0, ECMA 1.0

System.IO (mscorlib.dll)sealed class

This class provides many static methods for working with filesystem directories. Most of the methods behave as expected. GetLogicalDrives( ) returns an array of all of the drives of a system in the format "k:", in which "k" is the drive letter. GetParent( ) returns the parent path of the specified path, and GetDirectoryRoot( ) returns the root directory of the specified path.

public sealed class Directory {
// Public Static Methods
   public static DirectoryInfo CreateDirectory(string path);
   public static void Delete(string path);
   public static void Delete(string path, bool recursive);
   public static bool Exists(string path);
   public static DateTime GetCreationTime(string path);
   public static DateTime GetCreationTimeUtc(string path);
   public static string GetCurrentDirectory( );
   public static string[ ] GetDirectories(string path);
   public static string[ ] GetDirectories(string path, string searchPattern);
   public static string GetDirectoryRoot(string path);
   public static string[ ] GetFiles(string path);
   public static string[ ] GetFiles(string path, string searchPattern);
   public static string[ ] GetFileSystemEntries(string path);
   public static string[ ] GetFileSystemEntries(string path, string searchPattern);
   public static DateTime GetLastAccessTime(string path);
   public static DateTime GetLastAccessTimeUtc(string path);
   public static DateTime GetLastWriteTime(string path);
   public static DateTime GetLastWriteTimeUtc(string path);
   public static string[ ] GetLogicalDrives( );
   public static DirectoryInfo GetParent(string path);
   public static void Move(string sourceDirName, string destDirName);
   public static void SetCreationTime(string path, DateTime creationTime);
   public static void SetCreationTimeUtc(string path, DateTime creationTimeUtc);
   public static void SetCurrentDirectory(string path);
   public static void SetLastAccessTime(string path, DateTime lastAccessTime);
   public static void SetLastAccessTimeUtc(string path, DateTime lastAccessTimeUtc);
   public static void SetLastWriteTime(string path, DateTime lastWriteTime);
   public static void SetLastWriteTimeUtc(string path, DateTime lastWriteTimeUtc);

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