IsolatedStorageFilemarshal by reference, disposable

System.IO.IsolatedStorage (mscorlib.dll)sealed class

This class represents an isolated-storage filesystem area that can contain files and directories. The static GetStore( ) returns a reference to the current store. Call GetStore( ) only with the proper IsolatedStorageScope enumerations set. There are two shortcuts for this method: GetUserStoreForAssembly( ) returns the same store as GetStore( ) with IsolatedStorageScope.User | IsolatedStorageScope.Assembly as its first argument, and GetUserStoreForDomain( ) returns as though GetStore( ) was called with IsolatedStorageScope.User | IsolatedStorageScope.Assembly | IsolatedStorageScope.Domain. GetEnumerator( ) returns all valid types of storage isolation for the specified assembly and domain.

The rest of the methods for this class allow you to work with files and directories. CreateDirectory( ) and DeleteDirectory( ) allow you to create and delete directories, just as DeleteFile( ) allows you to delete files (use an IsolatedStorageFileStream to create them). Close( ) allows you to close a store opened with GetStore( ). GetFileNames( ) returns an array of filenames matching a given filter.

public sealed class IsolatedStorageFile : IsolatedStorage, IDisposable {
// Public Instance Properties
   public override ulong CurrentSize{get; }          
 // overrides IsolatedStorage
   public override ulong MaximumSize{get; }           
// overrides IsolatedStorage
// Public Static Methods
   public static IEnumerator GetEnumerator(IsolatedStorageScope scope);
   public static IsolatedStorageFile GetStore(IsolatedStorageScope scope, System.Security.Policy.Evidence domainEvidence,
        Type domainEvidenceType,System.Security.Policy.EvidenceassemblyEvidence,
        Type assemblyEvidenceType);
   public static IsolatedStorageFile GetStore(IsolatedStorageScope scope, object domainIdentity, 
        object assemblyIdentity);
   public static IsolatedStorageFile GetStore(IsolatedStorageScope scope,Type domainEvidenceType,
       Type assemblyEvidenceType);
   public static IsolatedStorageFile GetUserStoreForAssembly( );
   public static IsolatedStorageFile GetUserStoreForDomain( );
   public static void Remove(IsolatedStorageScope scope);
// Public Instance Methods
   public void Close( );
   public void CreateDirectory(string dir);
   public void DeleteDirectory(string dir);
   public void DeleteFile(string file);
   public void Dispose( ); 
// implements IDisposable
   public string[ ] GetDirectoryNames(string searchPattern);
   public string[ ] GetFileNames(string searchPattern);
   public override void Remove( );        
// overrides IsolatedStorage
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected override void Finalize( );   
// overrides object
   protected override IsolatedStoragePermission
       GetPermission(System.Security.PermissionSet ps)
// overrides IsolatedStorage


System.Object System.MarshalByRefObject IsolatedStorage IsolatedStorageFile(System.IDisposable)

Passed To

IsolatedStorageFileStream.IsolatedStorageFileStream( )

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