IPAddressCF 1.0, ECMA 1.0, serializable

System.Net (system.dll)class

This class represents an IP address. Use the Parse( ) method to turn a dotted-quad string (such as "") into an IPAddress. Use the ToString( ) method to convert an IPAddress into a string.

public class IPAddress {
// Public Constructors
   public IPAddress(byte[ ] address);
   public IPAddress(byte[ ] address, long scopeid);
   public IPAddress(long newAddress);
// Public Static Fields
   public static readonly IPAddress Any; 
// =
   public static readonly IPAddress Broadcast;        
// =
   public static readonly IPAddress IPv6Any;
   public static readonly IPAddress IPv6Loopback;
   public static readonly IPAddress IPv6None;
   public static readonly IPAddress Loopback;         
// =
   public static readonly IPAddress None;
// =
// Public Instance Properties
   public long Address{set; get; }       
// obsolete
   public AddressFamily AddressFamily{get; }
   public long ScopeId{set; get; }
// Public Static Methods
   public static short HostToNetworkOrder(short host);
   public static int HostToNetworkOrder(int host);
   public static long HostToNetworkOrder(long host);
   public static bool IsLoopback(IPAddress address);
   public static short NetworkToHostOrder(short network);
   public static int NetworkToHostOrder(int network);
   public static long NetworkToHostOrder(long network);
   public static IPAddress Parse(string ipString);
// Public Instance Methods
   public override bool Equals(object comparand);    
// overrides object
   public byte[ ] GetAddressBytes( );
   public override int GetHashCode( );    
// overrides object
   public override string ToString( );    
// overrides object

Returned By

IPEndPoint.Address, IPHostEntry.AddressList, System.Net.Sockets.IPv6MulticastOption.Group, System.Net.Sockets.MulticastOption.{Group, LocalAddress}

Passed To

Multiple types

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    Part IV: API Quick Reference
    Chapter 26. System