ServicePointManagerCF 1.0, ECMA 1.0

System.Net (system.dll)class

This class is responsible for managing ServicePoint instances. As your applications make HTTP connections to network resources, this class is working behind the scenes to maintain the connections. When your application makes many connections to the same server, this class eliminates the overhead of making a new connection each time you connect.

The ServicePointManager also sets the default certificate policy for new connections. In most cases, the default certificate policy should suit your needs. If you need to change it, see ICertificatePolicy for more details.

public class ServicePointManager {
// Public Static Fields
   public const int DefaultNonPersistentConnectionLimit;         
// =4
   public const int DefaultPersistentConnectionLimit; 
// =2
// Public Static Properties
   public static ICertificatePolicy CertificatePolicy{set; get; }
   public static bool CheckCertificateRevocationList{set; get; }
   public static int DefaultConnectionLimit{set; get; }
   public static bool Expect100Continue{set; get; }
   public static int MaxServicePointIdleTime{set; get; }
   public static int MaxServicePoints{set; get; }
   public static SecurityProtocolType SecurityProtocol{set; get; }
   public static bool UseNagleAlgorithm{set; get; }
// Public Static Methods
   public static ServicePoint FindServicePoint(string uriString, IWebProxy proxy);
   public static ServicePoint FindServicePoint(Uri address);
   public static ServicePoint FindServicePoint(Uri address, IWebProxy proxy);

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