System.Reflection.Emit (mscorlib.dll)sealed class

This class represents a dynamically created event. Events are created with the TypeBuilder.DefineEvent( ) method. You can then attach a MethodBuilder object to represent one of three methods: the method used to raise the event (SetRaiseMethod( )), the method used to subscribe to the event (SetAddOnMethod( )), and the method used to unsubscribe (SetRemoveOnMethod( )).

public sealed class EventBuilder {
// Public Instance Methods
   public void AddOtherMethod(MethodBuilder mdBuilder);
   public EventToken GetEventToken( );
   public void SetAddOnMethod(MethodBuilder mdBuilder);
   public void SetCustomAttribute(System.Reflection.ConstructorInfo con, 
        byte[ ] binaryAttribute);
   public void SetCustomAttribute(CustomAttributeBuilder customBuilder);
   public void SetRaiseMethod(MethodBuilder mdBuilder);
   public void SetRemoveOnMethod(MethodBuilder mdBuilder);

Returned By

TypeBuilder.DefineEvent( )

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