ComVisibleAttributeCF 1.0

System.Runtime.InteropServices (mscorlib.dll)sealed class

By default, all public assemblies, types, and members that are registered with COM are visible to COM. This attribute is used with a false argument to hide an assembly, type, or member from COM. This attribute has a cascading effect: if you hide an assembly, all the public types in that assembly are hidden as well.

You can override this attribute on individual types. If, for example, you want to make only one public type visible from an assembly, add the attribute [ComVisible(false)] to the assembly, but also add [ComVisible(true)] to the one type that you want to expose.

public sealed class ComVisibleAttribute : Attribute {
// Public Constructors
   public ComVisibleAttribute(bool visibility);
// Public Instance Properties
   public bool Value{get; }


System.Object System.Attribute ComVisibleAttribute

Valid On

Assembly, Class, Struct, Enum, Method, Property, Field, Interface, Delegate

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