System.Runtime.InteropServices (mscorlib.dll)interface

This interface defines the interface used by classes that register and unregister assemblies with COM.

public interface IRegistrationServices {
// Public Instance Methods
   public Guid GetManagedCategoryGuid( );
   public string GetProgIdForType(Type type);
   public Type[ ] GetRegistrableTypesInAssembly(System.Reflection.Assembly assembly);
   public bool RegisterAssembly(System.Reflection.Assembly assembly, 
        AssemblyRegistrationFlags flags);
   public void RegisterTypeForComClients(Type type, ref Guid g);
   public bool TypeRepresentsComType(Type type);
   public bool TypeRequiresRegistration(Type type);
   public bool UnregisterAssembly(System.Reflection.Assembly assembly);

Implemented By


    Part II: Programming with the .NET Framework
    Part IV: API Quick Reference
    Chapter 26. System