System.Runtime.Serialization (mscorlib.dll)interface

This interface defines the basic methods that convert serializable data into base class types. These conversion methods are used to parse the data contained in SerializationInfo instances.

public interface IFormatterConverter {
// Public Instance Methods
   public object Convert(object value, Type type);
   public object Convert(object value, TypeCode typeCode);
   public bool ToBoolean(object value);
   public byte ToByte(object value);
   public char ToChar(object value);
   public DateTime ToDateTime(object value);
   public decimal ToDecimal(object value);
   public double ToDouble(object value);
   public short ToInt16(object value);
   public int ToInt32(object value);
   public long ToInt64(object value);
   public sbyte ToSByte(object value);
   public float ToSingle(object value);
   public string ToString(object value);
   public ushort ToUInt16(object value);
   public uint ToUInt32(object value);
   public ulong ToUInt64(object value);

Implemented By


Passed To

SerializationInfo.SerializationInfo( )

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