System.Runtime.Serialization (mscorlib.dll)class

This class is the basic implementation of the ISurrogateSelector interface. A formatter uses this class to find the appropriate surrogate object to serialize or deserialize an object of a specific type, assembly, or context.

public class SurrogateSelector : ISurrogateSelector {
// Public Constructors
   public SurrogateSelector( );
// Public Instance Methods
   public virtual void AddSurrogate(Type type, StreamingContext context, 
        ISerializationSurrogate surrogate);
   public virtual void ChainSelector(ISurrogateSelector selector)
// implements ISurrogateSelector
   public virtual ISurrogateSelector GetNextSelector( );       
// implements ISurrogateSelector
   public virtual ISerializationSurrogate GetSurrogate(Type type, StreamingContext context, 
        out ISurrogateSelector selector)
// implements ISurrogateSelector
   public virtual void RemoveSurrogate(Type type, StreamingContext context);

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