RegexOptionsCF 1.0, serializable, flag

System.Text.RegularExpressions (system.dll)enum

This enumeration contains various options that affect the behavior of pattern matching in various methods from the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace. The values of this enumeration are passed to these methods as a bitwise-OR combination of the specified options.

public enum RegexOptions {
   None = 0x00000000,
   IgnoreCase = 0x00000001,
   Multiline = 0x00000002,
   ExplicitCapture = 0x00000004,
   Compiled = 0x00000008,
   Singleline = 0x00000010,
   IgnorePatternWhitespace = 0x00000020,
   RightToLeft = 0x00000040,
   ECMAScript = 0x00000100,
   CultureInvariant = 0x00000200


System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) RegexOptions

Returned By

Regex.Options, RegexCompilationInfo.Options

Passed To

Regex.{IsMatch( ), Match( ), Matches( ), Regex( ), Replace( ), Split( )}, RegexCompilationInfo.{Options, RegexCompilationInfo( )}

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