The maximum amount of dynamic Java/System memory allowed

Type: Integer

Default Value: 15 m

Must be positive

This is the maximum amount of dynamic memory (in bytes) allowed at run-time for Java objects and EVM data?also see notes for stack size. Dynamic memory use is that determined by JeodeRuntime at run-time, satisfied by dynamic memory allocation requests upon the target OS.

The dynamic memory acquired by JeodeRuntime is shared between:

  • Java memory: relocatable, garbage collectable Java heap objects

  • System memory: immovable Jeode "system" objects

Normally, either of these could (theoretically) occupy the whole of the dynamically allocated memory if run-time conditions required. You can also use the jeode.evm.memory.javaLimit and jeode.evm.memory.sysLimit properties to define ceiling values for Java or system memory usage if needed.

Note: To find static memory use (including the space occupied by the Jeode EVM executable and its predefined data structures), run a target-specific executable analyzer tool on your host (for example, objdump).