10.10 Hot-Deploying a Web Application to JBoss

10.10.1 Problem

You want to use JBoss to hot-deploy a web application WAR file.

10.10.2 Solution

Copy a new WAR to the deploy directory within the server environment that JBoss was started with. Of course, you also need to ensure that JBoss is configured with a servlet container.

10.10.3 Discussion

A lot of developers use JBoss with a compliant servlet container, such as Tomcat, to receive the benefits of automatic hot-deploying. JBoss is intelligent enough to scan the deploy directory for WAR files, too, and deploy them to the servlet container. This ability removes the need for managing a complex Ant buildfile that we saw earlier in this chapter.

JBoss is not a servlet container. JBoss can embed a servlet container, though. For example, you can configure JBoss to use Tomcat.

Recipe 10.9 shows how to deploy an EAR file to JBoss. The same techniques apply for WAR files, too.

10.10.4 See Also

Recipe 10.9 shows how set up your Ant buildfile for deploying applications to JBoss.