Chapter 4. JUnit

    Section 4.1.  Introduction

    Section 4.2.  Getting Started

    Section 4.3.  Running JUnit

    Section 4.4.  assertXXX( ) Methods

    Section 4.5.  Unit Test Granularity

    Section 4.6.  Set Up and Tear Down

    Section 4.7.  One-Time Set Up and Tear Down

    Section 4.8.  Organizing Tests into Test Suites

    Section 4.9.  Running a Test Class Directly

    Section 4.10.  Repeating Tests

    Section 4.11.  Test Naming Conventions

    Section 4.12.  Unit Test Organization

    Section 4.13.  Exception Handling

    Section 4.14.  Running Tests Concurrently

    Section 4.15.  Testing Asynchronous Methods

    Section 4.16.  Writing a Base Class for Your Tests

    Section 4.17.  Testing Swing Code

    Section 4.18.  Avoiding Swing Threading Problems

    Section 4.19.  Testing with the Robot

    Section 4.20.  Testing Database Logic

    Section 4.21.  Repeatedly Testing the Same Method