Chapter 7. Cactus

    Section 7.1.  Introduction

    Section 7.2.  Configuring Cactus

    Section 7.3.  Setting Up a Stable Build Environment

    Section 7.4.  Creating the File

    Section 7.5.  Generating the File Automatically

    Section 7.6.  Writing a Cactus Test

    Section 7.7.  Submitting Form Data

    Section 7.8.  Testing Cookies

    Section 7.9.  Testing Session Tracking Using HttpSession

    Section 7.10.  Testing Servlet Initialization Parameters

    Section 7.11.  Testing Servlet Filters

    Section 7.12.  Securing Cactus Tests

    Section 7.13.  Using HttpUnit to Perform Complex Assertions

    Section 7.14.  Testing the Output of a JSP

    Section 7.15.  When Not to Use Cactus

    Section 7.16.  Designing Testable JSPs