Chapter 9. XDoclet

    Section 9.1.  Introduction

    Section 9.2.  Setting Up a Development Environment for Generated Files

    Section 9.3.  Setting Up Ant to Run XDoclet

    Section 9.4.  Regenerating Files That Have Changed

    Section 9.5.  Generating the EJB Deployment Descriptor

    Section 9.6.  Specifying Different EJB Specifications

    Section 9.7.  Generating EJB Home and Remote Interfaces

    Section 9.8.  Creating and Executing a Custom Template

    Section 9.9.  Extending XDoclet to Generate Custom Files

    Section 9.10.  Creating an Ant XDoclet Task

    Section 9.11.  Creating an XDoclet Tag Handler

    Section 9.12.  Creating a Template File

    Section 9.13.  Creating an XDoclet xdoclet.xml File

    Section 9.14.  Creating an XDoclet Module