A.2 Books

XML in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition, Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means (O'Reilly & Associates)

A comprehensive desktop reference for all things XML.

The XML Bible, 2nd Edition, Elliotte Rusty Harold (Hungry Minds)

A solid introduction to XML that provides a comprehensive overview of the XML landscape.

HTML and XHTML, the Definitive Guide, Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (O'Reilly & Associates)

A timely and comprehensive resource for learning about HTML.

Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup, Eve Maler and Jeanne El Andaloussi (Prentice Hall)

A step-by-step tutorial for designing and implementing DTDs. While this book is about SGML, much of its advice is still excellent for XML.

The SGML Handbook, Charles F. Goldfarb (Oxford University Press)

A complete reference for SGML, including an annotated specification. Like its subject, the book is complex and hefty, so beginners may not find it a good introduction.

Java and XML, 2nd Edition, Brett McLaughlin (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to combining XML and Java to build real-world applications.

SAX2, David Brownell (O'Reilly & Associates)

A complete guide to using the SAX2 API, in Java.

Processing XML with Java, Elliotte Rusty Harold (Addison-Wesley)

A guide to building programs using a variety of Java techniques for processing XML.

XML and Java, Hiroshi Murayama et al. (Addison-Wesley)

Explores many different aspects and APIs of Java processing with XML.

Java XML Data Binding, Brett McLaughlin (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML with data-binding approaches, covering APIs which insulate developers from the XML.

Perl and XML, Erik Ray and Jason McIntosh (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML with a variety of Perl-based approaches.

Python and XML, Christopher A. Jones and Frederick Drake (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML in Python programs.

.NET and XML, Niel Bornstein (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML using the Microsoft .NET API.

Building Oracle XML Applications, Steve Muench (O'Reilly & Associates)

A detailed look at Oracle tools for XML development, and how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with the functionality of the Oracle database.

DocBook: the Definitive Guide, Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner (O'Reilly & Associates)

DocBook is a popular and flexible markup language for technical documentation, with versions for SGML and XML. This book has an exhaustive, glossary-style format describing every element in detail. It also has lots of practical information for getting started using XML and stylesheets.

XML Schema, Eric van der Vlist (O'Reilly & Associates)

Explores W3C XML Schema in depth, using many examples to illustrate usage.

Definitive XML Schema, Patricia Walmsley (Prentice Hall)

A thorough explanation of the W3C XML Schema specification and usage.

RELAX NG, Eric van der Vlist (O'Reilly & Associates)

A thorough explanation of RELAX NG, including both theory and practice.

Learning XSLT, Mike Fitzgerald (O'Reilly & Associates)

A carefully paced introduction to XSLT development.

Beginning XSLT, Jeni Tennison (Wrox Press)

A tutorial for XSLT, focusing on simple and largely HTML-based examples.

XSLT, Doug Tidwell (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to XSLT development, from the basics to advanced features.

XSLT Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition, Michael Kay (Wrox Press)

A reference guide for XSLT development, including techniques and best practice.

Definitive XSLT, G. Ken Holman (Prentice Hall)

A tutorial and reference for XSLT development.

XSLT and XPath: On the Edge, Jeni Tennsion (M&T Books)

An exploration of advanced XSLT and XPath techniques.

XPath and XPointer, John Simpson (O'Reilly & Associates)

An introduction to the XPath and XPointer specifications for addressing parts of XML documents.

XSL-FO, Dave Pawson (O'Reilly & Associates)

An introduction to XSL Formatting Objects, covering page layout techniques and stylesheet integration.

Definitive XSL-FO, G. Ken Holman (Prentice Hall)

Explores many different aspects and APIs of Java processing with XML.

Understanding XML Web Services, Eric Newcomer (Addison-Wesley)

An introduction to the world of Web Services.

Web Services Essentials, Ethan Cerami (O'Reilly & Associates)

An introduction to the Web Services specifications, including XML-RPC, SOAP 1.1, WSDL, and UDDI.

Web Services and Perl, Paul Kulchenko and Randy Ray (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to using web services in a Perl environment.

BEEP: The Definitive Guide, Marshall Rose (O'Reilly & Associates)

A complete guide to the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol, an IETF effort built on XML.

Programming Jabber, D.J. Adams (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to working with Jabber, an instant messaging program and protocol built on XML.