SAX (Simple API for XML)

An event-driven application programming interface for manipulating XML documents with Java. The API describes a flat document model (no object hierarchy or inheritance) that then allows for quick document processing.


A prefix to a URL that establishes the address pattern and protocol to be used. For example, the prefix http specifies that the hypertext transfer protocol is to be used, as in the following URL:


See also URL.


The part of a CSS stylesheet rule that determines the elements to which the style is applied. See also CSS, rule, stylesheet.

SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)

An international standard (ISO 8879) that specifies rules for the creation of platform-independent markup languages for electronic texts.

simple link

The simplest form of a link, consisting of an element in a document (the local resource) that specifies a target or the location of the remote resource. See also local resource, remote resource.

standards body

An organization that works to produce industry-wide technical standards.


A set of formatting instructions, either in a separate file or grouped within a document, that specifies the appearance of a document. There are several standards for stylesheets, including CSS, XSLT, and XSL-FO.

SYSTEM identifier

A local, system-dependent identifier for a document, DTD, or external entity. In XML, a system identifier must be a URI.