B.3 C++ Templates

Generic C++ Class

A generic C++ class. (This is not in the Add New Item dialogit is in the Add Class dialog. The Add Class dialog can be opened by right-clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer and selecting Add Add Class.)

C++ File (.cpp)

A C++ source file.

Header File (.h)

A C++ header file.

Midl File (.idl)

A COM Interface Definition Language file.

Module-Definition File (.def)

A file listing DLL entry points.

Windows Forms (.NET)

A source file containing a class derived from System.Windows.Forms.Form.

Component Class (.NET)

A source file containing a class that derives from System.ComponentModel.Component. (This enables integration with the VS.NET design-time environment. See Chapter 7 for more details.)

User Control (.NET)

A source file containing a class that derives from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl. User controls can be edited using the visual designer.


An XML schema and a generated strongly typed DataSet class.

Configuration File (app.config)

A .NET application configuration file. This file is named app.config, but at build time, VS.NET copies the file into the startup directory with the name <exename>.exe.config. (This is the name that the .NET Framework expects configuration files to have.)

Installer Class (.NET)

A source file containing a class to be invoked at setup time. This would be used in a project that implements a custom action for a Setup and Deployment project.

ASP.NET Web Service

An .asmx file and associated codebehind file.