B.4 ATL Templates

Add ATL Support To MFC

Adds ATL support to an MFC project.

ATL Active Server Page Component

An ATL Active Server Page component (also known as an ActiveX Server component).

ATL Control

An ATL ActiveX control.

ATL Dialog

An ATL dialog class.

ATL COM+ 1.0 Component

An ATL COM+ 1.0 component.

ATL OLEDB Consumer

An ATL OLEDB consumer class.

ATL OLEDB Provider

An ATL OLEDB provider.

ATL Property Page

An ATL property page object.

ATL Simple Object

An ATL simple object.

ATL Performance Monitor Object

A performance monitor object.

SRF File (.srf)

A template file for creating an ATL Server dynamic web application.

WMI Instance Provider

A WMI Instance Provider.

WMI Event Provider

A WMI Event Provider.