Visual Basic .NET provides one page of language-specific settings (the last two settings are not present in VS.NET 2002):

Automatic insertion of end constructs

If this setting is enabled, whenever you type in an opening construct, the VB.NET Language Service adds a corresponding end construct for you automatically. For example, when you type in Sub Foo and press Enter, the end construct End Sub is automatically added to your file.

Pretty listing (reformatting of code)

This setting enables automatic reformatting of code. When enabled, VB.NET will fix the case of keywords and identifiers (e.g., it will convert sub to Sub), add missing Then statements to If statements, add missing parentheses to function calls, and supply closing quotations for string constants.

Enter outlining mode on file open

Enables outlining in the text editor when a .vb file is opened.

Automatic insertion of interface and MustOverride members

When this option is enabled, if you add an Implements statement to your class, VS.NET will automatically add skeleton implementations for all of the members of the interface you choose to implement. Likewise, when you choose to derive from a base class using the Inherits statement, if that class has any MustOverride members, skeletons for those will be added.

Show procedure line separators

Shows horizontal lines between procedures in the source code.