Chapter 5. Inheritance and Polymorphism

The previous chapter demonstrates how to create new types by declaring classes. The current chapter explores the relationship among objects in the real world and how to model these relationships in your code. This chapter focuses on specialization, which is implemented in C# through inheritance. This chapter also explains how instances of more specialized classes can be treated as if they were instances of more general classes, a process known as polymorphism. This chapter ends with a consideration of sealed classes, which cannot be specialized; abstract classes, which exist only to be specialized; and a discussion of the root of all classes, the class Object.

VB6 programmers take note: Like VB.NET, C# provides full object-oriented technology, including inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. These are relatively new topics for VB6 programmers. You should study them carefullythey affect your class and application design.

    Part I: The C# Language