3.4 The Jython Interpreter

The jython interpreter built during installation (see Chapter 2) is run similarly to the python program:

[path]jython {options} [ -j jar | -c command | file | - ] {arguments}

-j jar tells jython that the main script to run is _ _run_ _.py in the .jar file. Options -i, -S, and -v are the same as for python. --help is like python's -h, and --version is like python's --V. Instead of environment variables, jython uses a text file named registry in the installation directory to record properties with structured names. Property python.path, for example, is the Jython equivalent of Python's environment variable PYTHONPATH. You can also set properties with jython command-line options, in the form -D name=value.

    Part III: Python Library and Extension Modules