6.1 Creating an Untyped DataSet

There are several ways a DataSet can be created. In the simplest case, a DataSet is created using the new keyword. The constructor accepts on optional argument that allows the DataSetName property to be set. If the DataSetName argument isn't supplied, the default name of the DataSet will be NewDataSet.

DataSet ds = new DataSet("MyDataSet");

A DataSet can also be created from another DataSet. The Copy( ) method can create a new DataSet containing both the schema and data from the original DataSet. The Clone( ) method creates a new DataSet with the same schema, but none of the data of the original. Finally, the GetChanges( ) method creates a new DataSet containing data that has changed since the DataSet was last loaded or the pending changes were accepted. These methods will be discussed in more detail later in this chapter.

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