''DataRowChangeEventHandler'' ''serializable'

DataRowChangeEventHandler serializable

System.Data (system.data.dll) delegate

This delegate represents the method that handles one of four DataTable events: DataTable.RowChanging , DataTable.RowChanged , DataTable.RowDeleting , or DataTable.RowDeleted . These events fire during and after data edits. Those that fire before a change is committed (DataTable.RowChanging and DataTable.RowDeleting ) are useful for validation. In the case of an edit, you can evaluate the proposed change by examining the DataRowVersion.Proposed value for the DataRow . The events that fire after a change is committed (DataTable.RowChanged and DataTable.RowDeleted ) are useful for tasks such as synchronizing controls or providing information in a status bar.

public delegate void DataRowChangeEventHandler(object sender, DataRowChangeEventArgs e);

Associated Events

DataTable.{RowChanged( ) , RowChanging( ) , RowDeleted( ) , RowDeleting( )}

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