''PropertyCollection'' '''


System.Data (system.data.dll) class

This class is accessed using the ExtendedProperties property of the DataColumn , DataTable , DataSet , Constraint , and DataRelation . It can store additional information about the object. For example, you might want to store an expiration date for a DataSet .

public class PropertyCollection : Hashtable {
// Public Constructors
   public PropertyCollection(  );  


System.Object figs/U2192.gif System.Collections.Hashtable(System.Collections.IDictionary, System.Collections.ICollection , System.Collections.IEnumerable , System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable , System.Runtime.Serialization.IDeserializationCallback , System.ICloneable) figs/U2192.gif PropertyCollection

Returned By

Constraint.ExtendedProperties , DataColumn.ExtendedProperties , DataRelation.ExtendedProperties , DataSet.ExtendedProperties , DataTable.ExtendedProperties

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