''OleDbError'' ''serializable'

OleDbError serializable

System.Data.OleDb (system.data.dll) sealed class

This class represents one or more data source errors, but it isn't an exception. Instead, the data source may report multiple errors, and multiple OleDbError instances may be added to a single OleDbErrorCollection , which are then accessed using the OleDbException.Errors property of the exception that is raised.

OLE DB errors contain information including a database-specific error code (NativeError ), a five-character code following the ANSI SQL standard (SQLState ), and a descriptive text message (Message ).

public sealed class OleDbError {
// Public Instance Properties
   public string Message{get; } 
   public int NativeError{get; } 
   public string Source{get; } 
   public string SQLState{get; } 
// Public Instance Methods
   public override string ToString(  );          // overrides object

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