About the Examples

While the examples of attacks and other events cited throughout this book draw upon our own experiences, we have had to modify some specifics to make them publishable here. In many cases we have changed the identities of the individuals involved, and their respective organizations, for their protection. In addition, while all examples are substantively accurate, the particular details are from memory and are not necessarily precise. The examples are included here to illustrate the concepts of the book and are not intended to be historical representations of the events themselves.

As we mentioned, this book does not contain detailed code examples. However, to supplement the more general discussion, we do provide (and pledge to maintain) numerous code examples on the book's web site at:


We also invite you to use this web site (a web "companion" to the book) as a means of contributing answers to the questions we pose at the end of each chapter. From time to time, we'll spotlight some of the contributed opinions for the benefit of the larger community.