Datatype Synonyms

SQL Server uses different names for some datatypes than those that are specified by the ANSI-92 standard. Microsoft has accommodated this by providing synonyms for these. However, even if you specify the synonym, it will be translated and stored as the equivalent SQL Server datatype. The available synonyms are listed in Table 12.7.

Table 12.7. ANSI-92 Synonyms and SQL Server Equivalents
ANSI-92 Synonym SQL Server 2000 Datatype
binary varying varbinary
char varying varchar
character char
character char(1)
character(n) char(n)
character varying(n) varchar(n)
dec decimal
double precision float
float[(n)] for n = 1-7 real
float[(n)] for n = 8-15 float
integer int
national character(n) nchar(n)
national char(n) nchar(n)
national character varying(n) nvarchar(n)
national char varying(n) nvarchar(n)
national text ntext
rowversion timestamp

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