For a chapter that started out with "Probably the easiest part of administering a SQL Server database is the actual installation," we sure seem to have covered a lot of ground. The good news is that it will probably take you less time to perform the install than it did to read this chapter. The Installation Wizard presents the options in a step-by-step format that makes installation a breeze. Review your installation requirements first, check your hardware and software prerequisites, and don't forget about the unattended installation option. That way if you do get the install right the first time, you can repeat it again and again!

The next chapter dives into the client components needed to interact with SQL Server 2000. This can sometimes be a struggle if you are not already familiar with the different options available.

    Part III: SQL Server Administration
    Part IV: Transact-SQL
    Part V: SQL Server Internals and Performance Tuning
    Part VI: Additional SQL Server Features