Chapter 27. Creating and Managing Views in SQL Server

by Paul Jensen and Ray Rankins


  • Definition of Views

  • Using Views to Simplify Retrieval of Data

  • Using Views to Hide Underlying Table Structures

  • Using Views as a Security Mechanism

  • Data Modifications and Views

  • Creating Views

  • Altering and Dropping Views

  • Partitioned Views

  • Indexed Views

  • Views and Query Performance

Recently, while teaching a database class, one of the students described a view as a window on the data; it could be a picture window, clearly exposing a wide expanse of data, or a mere slit, offering only a peek. This chapter will pull back the curtains on this "window," exposing what a view is and isn't, and how you can leverage this powerful tool in your database design and applications.

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    Part VI: Additional SQL Server Features