Obsolete Configuration Options

Some of the configuration options available in SQL Server 7.0 are obsolete in SQL Server 2000. Some options, such as "time slice," were just introduced in SQL Server 7.0 and then immediately became obsolete.

The following parameters are obsolete in SQL Server 2000:

Obsoleted Configuration Options
default sortorder id resource timeout
extended memory size spin counter
language in cache time slice
language neutral full-text unicode comparison style
max async IO unicode locale id

One of the all-time favorite options in SQL Server 7.0 was max async IO. The reason that option became obsolete is because it has been completely automated with SQL Server 2000. Previously, max async IO was used to specify the number of simultaneous disk I/O requests that SQL Server 7.0 (and earlier versions) could submit to Windows NT and Windows 2000 during a checkpoint operation. It invariably helped overall throughput on systems that used RAID devices that had extensive disk cache mechanisms. Now, SQL Server 2000 adjusts this automatically.

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