What Is English Query?

English Query is a natural language-query processor. Using simple English sentences, you and your users can write queries that return results just like SQL queries do. Behind the scenes, English Query interprets the sentences, converts them to SQL queries (or, in the case of OLAP datasources, MDX), and then presents the results.

English Query applications can be built with Visual Studio tools (Visual Basic 6.0, for example) and deployed on the Web or in a standard .exe format.

English Query can interface with your standard relational databases or with OLAP cubes.

For Whom Is English Query Designed?

The target consumer for English Query applications is a user who doesn't know or doesn't want to use standard SQL to interface with a SQL Server database. Most applications that are designed for these kinds of users can produce reports and provide static answers easily, but they are often rigid and don't allow a user to browse, mine, or discover a database or OLAP cube with the freedom that English Query does.

English Query is not designed for developers, administrators, or power users who are willing to learn the SQL language. One of the problems with English Query is that it is based on the English language?and that language (like all Germanic languages) is notoriously inexact. English Query attempts to interpret what you want to know based on the rules that you, as the project developer, describe. But mistakes can occur in the interpretation of contextual information that wouldn't happen with a precise language such as SQL.

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