Recipe 12.8 Checking for Potential Replication Problems

12.8.1 Problem

You want to determine if replication is succeeding.

12.8.2 Solution

The following two commands will help identify problems with replication on a source domain controller:

> dcdiag /test:replications
> repadmin /showrepl /errorsonly

12.8.3 Discussion

For a more detailed report, you can use the Replication Monitor (replmon.exe). The Generate Status Report option will produce a lengthy report of site topology, replication information, and provide details on any errors encountered. The Directory Service event log can also be an invaluable source of replication and KCC problems.

12.8.4 See Also

Recipe 12.2 for viewing the replication status of several domain controllers

    Chapter 3. Domain Controllers, Global Catalogs, and FSMOs
    Chapter 6. Users
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