Recipe 13.3 Viewing a Server's Zones

13.3.1 Problem

You want to view the zones on a server.

13.3.2 Solution Using a graphical user interface
  1. Open the DNS Management snap-in.

  2. Right-click on DNS in the left pane and select Connect to DNS Server.

  3. Enter the server you want to connect to and click Enter.

  4. In the left pane, expand the server and click Forward Lookup Zones and Reverse Lookup Zones to view the supported zones. Using a command-line interface
> dnscmd <DNSServerName> /enumzones Using VBScript
' This code lists the zones that are supported by the specified server.
strServer = "<DNSServerName>"  ' e.g.
' ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------

set objDNS = GetObject("winMgmts:\\" & strServer & "\root\MicrosoftDNS")
set objDNSServer = objDNS.Get("MicrosoftDNS_Server.Name="".""")
set objZones = objDNS.ExecQuery("Select * from MicrosoftDNS_Zone " & _
                                "Where DnsServerName = '" & _
                                objDNSServer.Name & "'") 
WScript.Echo "Zones on " & objDNSServer.Name
for each objZone in objZones
   WScript.Echo " " & objZOne.Name

13.3.3 Discussion Using a graphical user interface

When you click on either the Forward Lookup Zones or Reverse Lookup Zones in the left pane, the right pane contains a Type column that displays the zone type for each zone. Using a command-line interface

When using the /enumzones switch without any more parameters, it displays all zones on the server. You can specify additional filters that limit the types of zones returned. With the Windows 2000 version of dnscmd, you can specify up to two filters:


With the Windows Server 2003 version of dnscmd, the filter behavior has changed. Instead of having two levels of criteria you can specify one or more of the following:

/DirectoryPartition <PartitionName> Using VBScript

A WQL query was used to find all MicrosoftDNS_Zone objects. You can add additional criteria to the WQL Select statement to return a subset of zones supported on the server.

13.3.4 See Also

MSDN: MicrosoftDNS_Zone

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