Recipe 3.14 Finding the Number of Logon Attempts Made Against a Domain Controller

3.14.1 Problem

You want to find the number of logon requests a domain controller has processed.

3.14.2 Solution

The following query returns the number of logon requests processed:

> nltest /server:<DomainControllerName> /LOGON_QUERY

3.14.3 Discussion

The nltest /LOGON_QUERY command is a wrapper around the I_NetLogonControl2 method, and can be useful to determine how many logon requests are being processed by a server. Viewing the results of the command over a period of time and comparing them against a server in the same domain can also tell you if one server is being used significantly more or less than the others.

3.14.4 See Also

MSDN: I_NetLogonControl2

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    Chapter 6. Users
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