Chapter 4. Searching and Manipulating Objects


    Recipe 4.1.  Viewing the RootDSE

    Recipe 4.2.  Viewing the Attributes of an Object

    Recipe 4.3.  Using LDAP Controls

    Recipe 4.4.  Using a Fast or Concurrent Bind

    Recipe 4.5.  Searching for Objects in a Domain

    Recipe 4.6.  Searching the Global Catalog

    Recipe 4.7.  Searching for a Large Number of Objects

    Recipe 4.8.  Searching with an Attribute-Scoped Query

    Recipe 4.9.  Searching with a Bitwise Filter

    Recipe 4.10.  Creating an Object

    Recipe 4.11.  Modifying an Object

    Recipe 4.12.  Modifying a Bit-Flag Attribute

    Recipe 4.13.  Dynamically Linking an Auxiliary Class

    Recipe 4.14.  Creating a Dynamic Object

    Recipe 4.15.  Refreshing a Dynamic Object

    Recipe 4.16.  Modifying the Default TTL Settings for Dynamic Objects

    Recipe 4.17.  Moving an Object to a Different OU or Container

    Recipe 4.18.  Moving an Object to a Different Domain

    Recipe 4.19.  Renaming an Object

    Recipe 4.20.  Deleting an Object

    Recipe 4.21.  Deleting a Container That Has Child Objects

    Recipe 4.22.  Viewing the Created and Last Modified Timestamp of an Object

    Recipe 4.23.  Modifying the Default LDAP Query Policy

    Recipe 4.24.  Exporting Objects to an LDIF File

    Recipe 4.25.  Importing Objects Using an LDIF File

    Recipe 4.26.  Exporting Objects to a CSV File

    Recipe 4.27.  Importing Objects Using a CSV File

Chapter 3. Domain Controllers, Global Catalogs, and FSMOs
Chapter 6. Users
Appendix A. Tool List