Chapter 6. Users


    Recipe 6.1.  Creating a User

    Recipe 6.2.  Creating a Large Number of Users

    Recipe 6.3.  Creating an inetOrgPerson User

    Recipe 6.4.  Modifying an Attribute for Several Users at Once

    Recipe 6.5.  Moving a User

    Recipe 6.6.  Renaming a User

    Recipe 6.7.  Copying a User

    Recipe 6.8.  Unlocking a User

    Recipe 6.9.  Finding Locked Out Users

    Recipe 6.10.  Troubleshooting Account Lockout Problems

    Recipe 6.11.  Viewing the Account Lockout and Password Policies

    Recipe 6.12.  Enabling and Disabling a User

    Recipe 6.13.  Finding Disabled Users

    Recipe 6.14.  Viewing a User's Group Membership

    Recipe 6.15.  Changing a User's Primary Group

    Recipe 6.16.  Transferring a User's Group Membership to Another User

    Recipe 6.17.  Setting a User's Password

    Recipe 6.18.  Setting a User's Password via LDAP

    Recipe 6.19.  Setting a User's Password via Kerberos

    Recipe 6.20.  Preventing a User from Changing His Password

    Recipe 6.21.  Requiring a User to Change Her Password at Next Logon

    Recipe 6.22.  Preventing a User's Password from Expiring

    Recipe 6.23.  Finding Users Whose Passwords Are About to Expire

    Recipe 6.24.  Setting a User's Account Options (userAccountControl)

    Recipe 6.25.  Setting a User's Account to Expire in the Future

    Recipe 6.26.  Finding Users Whose AccountsAre About to Expire

    Recipe 6.27.  Determining a User's Last Logon Time

    Recipe 6.28.  Finding Users Who Have Not Logged On Recently

    Recipe 6.29.  Setting a User's Profile Attributes

    Recipe 6.30.  Viewing a User's Managed Objects

    Recipe 6.31.  Modifying the Default Display Name Used When Creating Users in ADUC

    Recipe 6.32.  Creating a UPN Suffix for a Forest

Chapter 3. Domain Controllers, Global Catalogs, and FSMOs
Chapter 6. Users
Appendix A. Tool List