Recipe 6.10 Troubleshooting Account Lockout Problems

6.10.1 Problem

A user is having account lockout problems and you need to determine where it is getting locked from and how it is getting locked out.

6.10.2 Solution Using a graphical user interface

LockoutStatus is a new tool available for Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 that can help identify which domain controllers users are getting locked out. It works by querying the lockout status of a user against all domain controllers in the user's domain.

To determine the lockout status of a user

  1. Open LockoutStatus and select File Select Target from the menu.

  2. Enter the target user name and the domain of the user.

  3. Click OK.

At this point, each domain controller in the domain will be queried and the results will be displayed.

6.10.3 Discussion

The Lockoutstatus.exe tool is just one of many that are available in the new "Account Lockout and Management" tool set provided by Microsoft. These new lockout tools are intended to help administrators with account lockout problems that are very difficult to troubleshoot given the tools available under Windows 2000. Along with the tool mentioned in the Solution Section, here are a few others that are included in the set:


A script that uses this DLL called EnableKerbLog.vbs is included with the tool set that can be used to enable logging of application authentication. This can help identify applications using bad credentials that are causing account lockouts.


Displays services and shares that are using a particular account name. It can also print all the users and their password age.


Filter tool for the netlogon.log files. You can use it to extract just the lines that relate to account lockout information.

All of the new Account Lockout tools can be downloaded from:

6.10.4 See Also

MS KB 813500 (Support WebCast: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003: Password and Account Lockout Features)

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