Recipe 9.4 Deleting a GPO

9.4.1 Problem

You want to delete a GPO.

9.4.2 Solution Using a graphical user interface
  1. Open the GPMC snap-in.

  2. In the left pane, expand the Forest container, expand the Domains container, browse to the domain of the target GPO, and expand the Group Policy Objects container.

  3. Right-click on the target GPO and select Delete.

  4. Click OK to confirm. Using a command-line interface
> deletegpo.wsf <GPOName> [/domain:<DomainDNSName>] Using VBScript
' This code deletes the specified GPO.
strGPO      = "<GPOName>"        ' e.g. My New GPO
strDomain   = "<DomainDNSName>"  ' e.g.
' ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------

set objGPM = CreateObject("GPMgmt.GPM")
set objGPMConstants = objGPM.GetConstants( )
' Initialize the Domain object
set objGPMDomain = objGPM.GetDomain(strDomain, "", objGPMConstants.UseAnyDC)

' Find the GPO
set objGPMSearchCriteria = objGPM.CreateSearchCriteria
objGPMSearchCriteria.Add objGPMConstants.SearchPropertyGPODisplayName, _
                         objGPMConstants.SearchOpEquals, cstr(strGPO)
set objGPOList = objGPMDomain.SearchGPOs(objGPMSearchCriteria)
if objGPOList.Count = 0 then
   WScript.Echo "Did not find GPO: " & strGPO
   WScript.Echo "Exiting."
elseif objGPOList.Count > 1 then
   WScript.Echo "Found more than one matching GPO. Count: " & _
   WScript.Echo "Exiting."
   WScript.Echo "Found GPO: " & objGPOList.Item(1).DisplayName
end if

' Delete the GPO
WScript.Echo "Successfully deleted GPO: " & strGPO

9.4.3 Discussion

When you delete a GPO through the GPMC, it attempts to find all links to the GPO in the domain and will delete them if the user has permissions to delete the links. If the user does not have the necessary permissions to remove the links, the GPO will still get deleted, but the links will remain intact. Any links external to the domain the GPO is in are not automatically deleted. It is for this reason that it is a good practice to view the links to the GPO before you delete it. Links to deleted GPOs show up as "Not Found" in GPMC. Using VBScript

I use a GPMSearchCriteria object to find the GPO that is equal to the display name of the GPO specified in the configuration section. I use an if elseif else conditional statement to ensure that only one GPO is returned. If zero or more than one are returned, I abort the script. If only one is returned, I used the GPMGPO.Delete method to delete the GPO.

9.4.4 See Also

Recipe 9.11 for viewing the links for a GPO and MSDN: GPMGPO.Delete

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