18.5 Further Information

This is by no means an in-depth discussion on ADSI. For more information, you should look at the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) library documentation, which contains all of the documentation on the specifics of VBScript, JScript, ADO, ADSI, and WSH. There are a few ways to get hold of the MSDN library: you can purchase an MSDN library subscription from Microsoft and get quarterly CDs with all of the documentation, or you can access the documentation directly via the Internet. MSDN online can be found at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/. Once you enter the MSDN library from the CD-ROM or the Web, you will see a list of contents on the left-hand menu, which you can browse.

Table 18-1 lists some useful Internet sites to find additional information on the topics covered in this chapter.

Table 18-1. Useful Internet sites



Microsoft's main scripting web site


MSDN Library root


WSH docs


Microsoft's universal data access components site (including the official pages for ADO)


A fantastic site for developers of ASP, ADSI, and ADO pages and scripts (including a superb ADSI mailing list)


O'Reilly's Windows and VB sites detailing its resources and books



Clarence Washington's repository for scripting solutions on the Internet


Wrox publishes books on ADSI, ADO, VB, and WSH


Windows and .NET Magazine (formerly Windows 2000 Magazine) is published monthly, as is the Windows Scripting Solutions (formerly Win32 Scripting Journal), both of which provide a lot of good information on Active Directory and scripting



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