Apache to IIS 6 Migration Tool

If you are migrating a Web server installation from Apache to IIS 6, this tool will help with the process. It can migrate Web site files (graphics, HTML, and so on) and configuration data (from httpd.conf and .htaccess files) to an IIS 6 Web server.

What it cannot do is migrate dynamic applications or databases from the source host to the destination. It doesn't install Perl or Python for you (actually, Perl is a requirement) and it won't handle all the directives from the Apache host.

However, it does automate the process, and for many sites it will offer a much cleaner and more effective solution for handling the migration. Because the solution is automated, it's more likely to migrate sites consistently. If your Apache host has more than a few virtual hosts, or you have a number of Apache hosts, using the migration tool will be a much more efficient method.

A closer look at the specific capabilities and limitations of this tool can be found in Chapter 8, "Migrating from Apache to IIS 6" (p. 137).

For full details on using the tool, read the migration tool instructions that come with the resource kit.