IIS Host Helper Service Version 1

If you have an intranet and are using NetBIOS or dynamic DNS for your internal naming system, you probably already use the DNS registration system to register server and client names with the service so that users can reach your servers.

Unfortunately, additional virtual Web sites that use the host header system to appear as differently named virtual servers do not register themselves through the same services.

The IIS Host Helper Service will do this for you, however, correctly registering sites by examining the IIS metabase and sending the appropriate registration to the WINS/DynDNS servers.

To install the service, at a command prompt, change to the systemroot\System32\Inetsrv directory.

Type the following:

isshostsvc install

Once installed, you can control the service either using the net command at a command prompt or through the Service Manager MMC snap-in.

Log files for the service are generated in the systemroot\LogFiles\Iishostsvc directory.