Log Parser Version 2.1

Post processing of log files is a time-consuming and complex task, and a number of tools have been developed over the years, including the free Analog and commercial tools, such as Seagate's Crystal Reports.

Log Parser is a free tool that can process and report on log file information. Import formats include Event Log files, IIS log files (including the new binary format), CSV and the W3C formatted documents, as well as plain text files. Export formats include HTML/XML, and you can convert your log file data into SQL tables. You can even translate log files between the different input formats, allowing you, for example, to translate IIS logs into W3C format.

Log Parser is too complex to cover adequately in this appendix, so check the details provided in the documentation that comes with the resource kit.

graphics/does_icon.gif WORTH THE PRICE

Log Parser is free, and it's well worth the price. However, don't expect it to replace the functionality of full-fledged log reporting tools, such as Webtrends or Crystal Reports.