Permissions Verifier Version 1

You can verify the permissions of your IIS installation and server files using the Permissions Verifier. This makes use of an XML file to test user and group permissions. The resource kit comes with five sample templates:

  • FileSystem.xml checks file system permissions.

  • Registry.xml checks permissions stored in the registry.

  • Metabase.xml checks permissions stored in the Metabase.

  • RightsPolicies.xml checks policies.

  • IIS6MinPermsVerif.xml checks server permissions.

To use, execute the PermVerif.js script from a command prompt, and use the ?Config:filename argument to specify the name of an XML configuration file.

You can see an example of the output here:

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

Using checks in file C:\Program Files\IIS Resources\
[ic:ccc]Permissions Verifier\samples\filesystem.xml
FAIL: [MXPWIN2003EE\Administrator] Full:false
FAIL: [BUILTIN\Users] Read:false

All checks failed.
CheckTypes Passed: 0
CheckTypes Failed: 1
Checks Passed: 0
Checks Failed: 3
Checks Fixed : 0

For more details, including how to build your own XML documents, see the documentation that comes with the resource kit.