SelfSSL Version 1

SSL certificates are normally only available from verified authorities. This means that even if you need to test your application, you still need to pay for and install a third-party certificate.

You can get around this by using SelfSSL to create a new self-signed certificate that you can install on your server. This is useful for testing your SSL enabled site or your IIS installation if you have having trouble with a third-party certificate.


Don't use this tool for public Web sites because its validity and security are not as robust as those from a trusted authority, such as VeriSign. If you do use it on a public site, use it only in combination with authentication and a trusted set of users who have individually installed the certificate in their Web clients.

To install a standard certificate into the primary site on your machine, just type


To install a certificate in another site, use the /S:siteid option. To install a trusted certificate, use the /T option.

graphics/does_icon.gif GREAT FOR TESTING

SelfSSL is a good way to save money while testing a Web site. You won't need to purchase a "real" certificate for developer machines or for test servers.